Parrot for iOS Changelog
This is a running list of the changes we're making to Parrot.

v1.1 - March 17, 2020


  • UI improvements and enhancements
  • Fixed some sharing bugs
  • Notifications and share links should take you directly where you want to go in the app
  • Should be easier to pick up where you left off when returning to the app
  • General stability improvements
  • Fixed a few issues when editing your profile

v1.0 LAUNCH!! - March 3, 2020

App Store Description

Parrot is a powerful podcast player that lets you save clips from podcasts, add comments and share them with anyone in the world. And because other people are saving podcast clips, you can easily find new podcasts to listen and subscribe to. It’s a social podcast experience that helps you find exactly what to listen to next.
  • Listen to any podcast. Over 950,000 available.
  • Save 30 second clips from podcasts, even from outside of the app.
  • Edit clips to any length.
  • Add comments to remember what you loved.
  • Send clips to anyone.
  • Subscribe to podcasts and get notifications of new episodes.
  • Follow friends and Tastemakers.
  • See clips from friends.
  • See popular clips from shows you subscribe to.
  • See popular clips on the platform.
We’re just getting started. We’re trying to build the best podcast app for saving and discovering content with your community, and we'd love to hear from you. Send us feedback at [email protected]
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