Parrot for podcasts
How to search for and subscribe to podcasts

How to search for podcasts

On any of the main screens of the app, tap on the search icon and it will bring up the search experience. Type the name of the show that you are looking for and tap "Search". You'll then see a list of relevant results.
Search for any podcast

How to subscribe to podcasts

In the search results for any podcast, you can tap to subscribe to that podcasts. Additionally, you can tap to see more details and then subscribe from the podcast details page.
Tap the subscribe button. Now you're good to go. If you opted in to receive notifications, we'll send you a notification when new episodes from that podcast are released.
Subscribe from the search results
Subscribe from the podcast details page

Where do the search results come from

Parrot uses a third party service called Listen Notes to power our search results. We do this because they have a huge catalog of over 950,000 podcasts available, which means you should be able to find anything you're looking for.
Last modified 1yr ago