How to save clips
Saving clips from Parrot for iOS
We've tried to make saving clips as easy as possible, so we allow you to create a clip from multiple locations. Creating a clip automatically saves the last 30 seconds to your profile. We've found that this is a good default that often captures the moment you enjoyed. But you can edit your clips later from your profile, no matter where you save them from.

Save a clip from inside the app

Any time you are playing a podcast inside of the app, you will see a button to add a clip. In the full screen player, it is front and center for ease of use.
Save a clip from the full screen player
From the collapsed player, you also have an easy one tap button to save a clip. This means it's always accessible from inside the app.
Save a clip from the mini player

Save a clip from the iOS Lock Screen

We also realize that you may want to save a clip while you're doing something else and don't have the Parrot app open, so we've made that easy too.
From the lock screen, you will see a small overflow menu (it kind of looks like a hamburger). Tap on that and you will see a button to create a clip. You'll hear an audio queue which means your clip has been saved to your profile.
Save a clip from the iOS Lock Screen

Save a clip from iOS Control Center

Similar to the Lock Screen, you can also save a clip from Control Center on your iPhone by tapping the overflow icon.
Save a clip from Control Center

Save a clip from your Apple Watch

Sometimes, you don't even want to open your phone at all. So we've given you the ability to save a clip from your Apple Watch as well. Here's how it works.
If you have your Apple Watch connected to your iPhone, you can control the audio from the Now Playing app. When you open Now Playing, you will see the same overflow option to create a clip.
Overflow option for saving a clip
Create a clip from Apple Watch

What happens after I save a clip?

By default, all clips are immediately created as 30 seconds and immediately saved to your profile. Anyone that views your profile can view all of your clips. In addition, all your clips are publicly available and may be shown in the main clips tab of the app.

Adding a comment to a clip

After you create a clip, a small dialog will pop up that allows you to add a comment. (If you save multiple clips while outside of the app, you'll need to go into your profile to edit them).
Tap to add a comment or note for yourself. Remember, all your comments are visible when someone views your clip. We recommend adding comments to every clip so it's easier to reference them later.
Add a comment to your clips for easier reference.

Last modified 1yr ago